perception image
What word do you see first?

I can hear his voice, in a low monotone,
His loving-dark-eyes, chilling to the bone.
My trembling hands cradle
An old book of Psalms poetry-
Though I left it with the gate-keeper
For Eve’s eyes to read.

Do you view me as a peon,
Forming riddles with precious words?
Or as a broken-winged snow fairy,
Seldom seen and never heard?
Do you see me as a human, or as a dirty-evil-beast?
Are you a Pharisee mocking at a crucifixion feast?

The mocking bird’s wish is granted.
There will be one-less song to mimic,
And one-less dove that cries-
Because in the Land of Knights
All gentle and wise lions roar-
And older, but braver maidens fly.

© Under pen name Olivia Lee, 2013

This write, like the other two I’ve posted today were written within the past four years. Expressing the darkness of depression through writing validated it’s existence but also eased it’s stronghold, and was good therapy for me. I do not suffer from depression these days, but know the mind bending effects of it well. How we see ourselves is more important than how others perceive us. Acceptance is not always a good thing; most kids who experiment with drugs are lead to using them through friends. Jesus was perceived as demonized by the religious and mocked by many; the Bible is the best selling book ever printed, hows that for success? It is the nature of man to be judgmental; don’t accept negative labels, surround yourself with as many positive friends as possible.

Here’s a  page  that explains causes and effects of low/high self-esteem in young people. View this information from the American Psychological Association about how self-esteem effects seniors.

Pictures from flash drive 315
A very important part of the poem; well over one hundred years old, this book of Psalms poetry was written by members of the Presbyterian church.

Lighter side…

Make happy happen!

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