Melody of Metaphors

Unlike walking barefoot on lush carpets of dew covered grass, or sparkling dragonfly wings in flight on a haphazard path,
Being awestruck by splendid sunsets in Grand Canyon skies, Or gentle rocking of a child, the sweet sounds of a mother’s lullaby.You’re very unlike these joyful pleasures displayed in utter transparency,Your metaphors: stormy skies, the darker depths of crystalline blue seas. Your given names of Bishop, King and Wisdom suit you well, although others have dared to love you, all but one has failed. Many times I have pondered words to say to you, but as the past has proven, I could not articulate any that would do. Sometimes love is like trying to embrace the wind or pour the sea into a cup, even if we obtained perfection, still it would not be enough.

Lighter side…


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