Gossiping and Church

The old man glared at her as he talked about a co-worker: She’s sleeping with so-and-so and drinks.  I barely knew either of them. Why was he telling me this?  Perhaps he thought she was the wrong-kind-of-person to associate with, and he was warning me.

Have you ever slept with anyone besides your wife, I asked the gossiping co-worker.  The question caught him off guard, evident by the confused look on his face, and with a softer tone he answered: Yes. I ask another question; Have you ever drank alcohol? Yes, he said. Then why don’t you talk about your own sins instead of hers? The third question was answered with silence and a lowered head.

He had committed the same sins, but somehow in his mind, she was worthy of ostracizing. He wanted me to wound and judge her based on his opinion.The reason people talk about sins of others: because they don’t want to talk about their own.  Lighter side…many centuries ago, a fellowship of the established religion crucified Jesus and produced Grace.

It’s okay to be imperfect, because you know, we all are.

Laughter is good for the soul.

grace 1

grace 7

grace 14 grace12

grace 15 grace 17

Is this the grace and love of God?

Grace 8


Or the images below? Which of these images define you, your congregation? Which people do you think someone who needs grace would listen to? The people in the photos below were at a gay event, Christians who dared to apologize and love.

grace10 grace 11

I’m not gay, but if I were, would you love or hate me?


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