Happy Endings

When my grandson was very young, he was intrigued by everything in nature. I traveled a lot and always brought back things I knew he would enjoy. He had a collection of petrified wood from Arizona, brown and red fox tails from Cherokee, North Carolina and many other boyish things.

One day he was playing outside and found what he considered a pretty rock and proudly presented it to his mom as a gift. She quickly told him to throw the rock in the gravel driveway and to “Go away.” She was busy cleaning, his fascination with nature could wait until later. He did as she requested. A while passed when she realized he had not come back in and went outside to check on him. He was nearing the end of the long driveway, she called out to him, “Austin, where are you going?” “You told me to go away!” he shouted. I don’t know how far he would have went but it was obvious that his little heart had been hurt. Personally, if someone I loved gave me a dandelion it would be received with a smile. His mom was going about her day, not realizing the rock wasn’t the only treasure he offered. Since then they have shared many little projects and adventures together, and she has her own collection of priceless memories.

He took his treasures to school to show friends not long after that. One little boy said, “Where did you get all of this neat stuff?” Austin replied, “From my Nana.” 😉  Happy endings, I love them.


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