Obsessive Editing, Tortillas and Thankfulness

Obsessive Editing, Tortillas and Thankfulness


I’ve read somewhere in the past week Stephen King dislikes using adverbs and adjectives. Of course this made me question if adverbs were overly  relied upon in my writing. After reading a snippet of another article I was informed warned: really, very, stuff, things, was, is, are, am,  should not be used frequently.The terms: I believe, I feel, are not necessary. Strange, these very terms are encouraged in schools to avoid conflict, especially in essays that will be read by peers. Evidently, there’s a clash of opposing opinions between writers and institutions of education. We should enjoy writing; second guessing every sentence and word is not fun. Hence, I am not a famous writer, though I do have an editing obsession.


I like Mexican food, spicy, often greasy and usually isn’t good for my diet. Although they are unhealthy, I endeavored making my first batch of flour tortillas from scratch Sunday evening.


  • 4 cups of flour
  • 1 to 1-1/2 cup(s) of warm water
  • 1/4 cup of shortening 😮
  • salt optional

There are other recipes online, basically the same ingredients that vary in amounts.



See that old rolling pin? It was passed down to me from my sainted grandmother.


The tortillas are not perfectly shaped but taste good.


I express my gratitude to God daily, most of the time as if I’m speaking to an old friend who has done something sweet for me. While driving, cleaning, playing with my pet, at work, there are endless reminders of the goodness of God towards me, and I am thankful.



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