Get Smart: Yes to Spy App?

I was searching for real life stories yesterday and this headline caught my attention: My husband spies on me with a smartphone app. Colleen Murrell was upset at first, then gladly accepted the app because her husband wanted to make sure she was safe. He is able to see her texts, location and can listen in on her conversations.  Accountability was the first thing that came to my mind and how such an app could help couples, or end a marriage. A poll is included: Would you let your other half track your every text and call? Eighty-seven percent says they would not.  Would you?   Guess that depends on if there is anything to hide. It could cause all kinds of misunderstandings.  If the app was installed voluntarily, one would know to be careful of their whereabouts and words.  If it were done secretly, think about that.

My answer to the poll was based on if the relationship was a happy one, I said yes. Being tracked wouldn’t bother me if it was voluntary. If done secretly, I would see it as my spouse having trust issues. Why would 87% answer: No? Invasion of privacy in a marriage? I think having a relationship that honest would be good, but a little intimidating.  I would have the option to listen or read his calls/texts too. Would he inform his buddies the conversations were open to me?  What if you failed to remember that he was listening and a friend shares something (a confession, etc.) that is only for you to hear? Imagine the trouble that could follow. Maybe I was too hasty with my answer. It’s a wonderful thought though, love so open/trusting that nothing is hidden.

Higher Love


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  1. SheryL♥ says:

    What app is that? 😀

  2. Hi Sheryl, Below is the link of the site I visited, there is a video about the app.

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