Escape Artist

I have several escape routes. What are yours?

Solitude, I love it.  Being alone offers many opportunities, everything from house chores to writing.  This evening I will do laundry, cook a meal, finish a tall director’s chair, and other little projects- like posting this entry.

Family, I love them. Rarely quiet, but fun. We do like our gatherings, and they are always special. The wonderful thing about family is there doesn’t have to be planned activities, we just be. Take a walk out to the garden to see how well the tomato plants are doing. Sing to/rock the newest member of our family Eden, read a story to another child. Play a board game or take turns throwing a Frisbee for my fur baby to fetch, it’s all good.

Writing, major portal. Whether poetry or just sharing my day.

Crafts, a playground for escape artists. Refinishing, re-purposing, painting and others.

Movies, a new escape door. I watched very little secular television or movies for years. I’m trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed.

Music, almost all genres.

Reading, I carry one or two books with me everywhere, stashed in my truck, backpack or handbag. I also read Freshly Pressed and other blogs.  Yesterday included: Episodes, Kim Davis is Not a Martyr for Religious Liberty, Boy with a Hat, Writers without Money, Girl on the Contrary (serious humor, a must read!)  Not all are listed, I want some of my escape routes to remain a secret  😉 Not that many will read this post, XD  but just in case…shhh.

Window shopping, usually antique or thrift stores, I visited two today and took a few photos. Those of us who love to refinish/re-purpose see things for what they can be.  I like to gain knowledge about antique and vintage items, this is a fun way to do it. Which brings us today’s window wonderland.


Portal of creative inspiration

craft idea overload

Love old trunks and especially suitcases!



Hand painted



Van dresser

A cute idea for a child’s dresser.



old desk



Old television set transformed into an aquarium.

  • We each devise our means of escape from the intolerable.― William Styron

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