Veggie Soup, Potato Cornbread, and the Tomato Aliens

Working long hours doesn’t leave much time for blogging or anything else. Cooking is something I rarely do on workdays, no cooking/no dirty dishes :-), but it’s Saturday and I’m making vegetable soup.  A trip into town is needed to buy veggies I don’t have on hand. On my way out I stop and glance at the tomato vines, a week has gone by since I checked for ripe fruit. Usually no more than two or three tomatoes are ready to pick, today a couple of clusters are red.

A few are still green, some fruit is rotting-too much rain.

Mid Summer tomato vines.
Mid Summer tomato vines. I was surprised at how big these plants got as the weeks went by.
October, turning brown but still producing fruit.


The vines have spilled over onto my porch, this big tomato is resting in a potted plant.

big tomato

Wait, what is that?! At first glance I thought it was some sort of blight. A closer look…

20151003_161654_resized 20151003_161644_resized

Is that a caterpillar, what manner of beast is this? O_o  Whatever is on this bug is either eating it, or maybe the little white tubes are caterpillar eggs? Alien pods? I have to admit, wondering just what would hatch did cross my mind. I keep a light-saber nearby for such intruders (aka broom) and ChewBella on speed dial just in case. One evening when I opened the door this unfortunate alien was greeted and captured by her.

ChewBella guarding an evil katydid.
ChewBella guarding her captive, she really does favor Chewbacca don’t you think?

chewbell 1

Later this evening I did find out exactly what is taking place on my porch. A sinister snack, as in the movie Alien. At least the tomato horn-worm is nearly comatose, or so the video below says. 


Hmm, is this what they mean by reincarnation ? I’m putting that poor caterpillar out of its misery and squashing all the pods tomorrow!

The veggie soup is finished. I added 1/4 lemon, ground up in a food processor along with a few dashes of Mexene chili seasoning (oh sooo good). Most of it will be frozen, because potatoes become grainy after freezing I decided to leave them out. Since the potatoes were already cooked, I wanted to use them. A quick search on Google rendered a recipe for tater-cornbread.

I added a little butter and salt to the potatoes before blending in cornmeal.
I added a little butter and salt to the potatoes before blending in cornmeal.

The potatoes add texture and flavor I like, but a drier mix  will be used next time because the potatoes make the bread moist.

I hope your weekend is going well, blessings.


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