Air Brushing: Hazards and Happiness

Airbrushing is something I haven’t done in a while. Living in an apartment makes it difficult to get motivated and drag the equipment out. It would require setting up a canopy, tables, air compressor, and much more, then break it all down and bring it back inside that evening.  It’s rough to get past the novice stage when there isn’t a convenient place to paint. As for air brushing in the past, even with limited airbrushing skills I did okay and have mostly good memories for my efforts.

The art comes with its own hazards: gun needles stabbing fingers, paint under your nails, stained clothing, and breathing in over-spray are a few. Working outside has its drawbacks too, weather being the biggest.  Extreme hot or cold temperatures can cause exploding/spewing/freezing bottles of paint. High humidity or rain causes moisture spots (fish-eyes) in the protective clear coat, wind can throw freshly painted items to the ground and require a redo and flying Easy-Ups (not necessarily yours) are all part of the weather mix. Being eaten alive by mammoth mosquitoes, bee stings and biting flies isn’t fun either. Then there are equipment issues, a lot can go wrong and it has to be fixed quickly.


There’s a good side too. Happiness of the trade for me: smiling children when they’d pick up their art. Sometimes when things were slow I would allow children to paint on paper towels while holding my hand over theirs to control movement and air-flow. Children get a kick out of painting their names, excitement is always present and smiles galore, I loved it. People will stand nearby, they seem to be mesmerized by the art. At first being watched terrified me, it did get a little easier and it is good to hear nice comments from those who watch.

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Below: a dresser painted for my grandson years ago.

austins dresser

As you can see I have plenty of room for improvement, but lack motivation and time. I wouldn’t like battling the elements again, air brushing is officially a hobby now.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. orangepondconnects says:

    I love that dresser! Awesome work 🙂

  2. Sheryl says:

    Children, they have this magic in them to make your day , with just a smile from them! Those photos are pretty and adorable ! x

    1. The happiness of children spills all over me, and I cannot help but be happy along with them!

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