200+ Depression Posts in 24 Hours/ Laughter and Love

20151112_222500_resizedReading blogs with a #depression tag is something I have done often for several reasons. I want to know what is helping individuals overcome, deal with and avoid depression. Many of the authors are talented writers and artists that could easily be envied by others and I enjoy reading/viewing their work.  I also try to encourage by leaving a comment or like because the majority receive only a few if any. 20151113_025737_resizedWhile reading I’ve noticed a gold button at the top of the page that keeps up with new posts. I opened another tab under depression (so I wouldn’t accidentally click the gold button) to record how many posted in a day. Once the limit of 40 is reached it quits counting and adds a + sign. It went over several times before I clicked to reset because naturally I did other things around my home and slept for 5 hours during the night. The total is probably much higher. Depression is so common I wonder why there is stigma attached to it at all. I always have a sense of foreboding, an awareness that depression will take over if I am not diligent in fighting it. A wise man once said: “Its all in your want to.”

*   *   *

There will always be people who condemn, label and hate. Those people remind me of another evil who doesn’t care if we survive…

I will love,


laugh until I cry…

and dream because…
dream 2


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  1. christinadrh says:

    It’s just the damn holiday cheer my friend! My depression started about a month ago and I choose to fight it. I too notice that the blogs about depression are not liked much, but there are more of them. It makes people uncomfortable. Denial is strong. So is holiday dread. Getting together with people you don’t like and don’t see the rest of the year can be a strong trigger for depression. My solution is to courageously bail out of any holiday crap I don’t want to participate in and with all people I don’t want to see. It’s great. I have taken back my power from the Hallmark media blitz, the ‘shoulds’ that are insincere bullshit and the feeling that I am not in control because it is the season of opening a vein and giving. I quit, and guess what? I am not suicidal, I totally enjoy saying ‘no’ and finding others are envious that I quit and frankly, how they respond is their choice. All this denial is a disaster for our dysfunctional society and that is what is behind all the depression. Let it be okay to have a quiet, stress free, family free holiday and love yourself for it.

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