‘Tis the Season of Change, Love and Hope

Lots of changes mixed with hope and mountains of love-how I would describe the past two weeks.

11-10: The day I decided the chaos had to end. There has to be a better path and although leaving was tough, it was the right decision and turned out well.

11-17: Visited my son and his fiancé in the Blue Ridge Mountains. What a glorious visual of the creativity, grace and love of God in nature, my heart was filled with awe and wonder!

11-18: Posted Up to the Mountains.

11-19: Love overload, so much that it felt as if my being would burst. It did in a way, through tears and poetry.

11-20, 21, and 22: Lots of cleaning, moving furniture around and worked on a night stand that my son’s fiancé gave me. Chris tired of trying to completely strip the paint to bare wood, so I was the thankful recipient.  The transformation took three days to complete. I painted the stand white, added a 16×22 wood picture frame for the door, a door-knob and latch, also added an extra foot to the top with scroll brackets then trimmed the wood extension with molding.  Just another way to display two more colorful crate labels, most of my home has paneling and needs the color!  20151130_140710_resized

11-24:  Accepted new job position, inventory department. Cooked from early morning until late night for Thanksgiving because of my new work schedule.

11-25:  Haircut. I now have a stacked cut in the back and longer angled sides/front. To some, getting your hair cut isn’t a major thing, but for me it is.  I’ve had long hair for years and avoided cutting because of being unsure if it would look right. Besides, wearing a bun and a baseball cap is easy, and I like easy-but it’s a time of change for me.  hairSoon I will have my hair highlighted with a color that matches the gray, just not today. Enough change in two weeks. I like the silver color in the front, and want the dark brown on the sides and back blended in. My friend P.B. and I attempted to do this but it turned out blonde; next time I will have a professional color my hair.

11-26: Thanksgiving Day, good but not the best by far. I did enjoy my daughter, her fiancé James, Eden and Caleb visiting, but missed Chris, his fiancé and my grandson Austin because Diana (my son’s fiancé) took ill and is still in the hospital. He and I have been texting or calling daily about her condition. Last week I discovered my truck’s transmission is going bad so I could not risk driving 3 ½ hours to visit with them.  I will probably trade my truck on a newer vehicle in the next few weeks. Other members of my family were missed as well, Shane and Camden.  Hopefully through the Christmas holidays I will get to spend time with them.

11-27, 28: New job begins and oh how my legs hurt!  I like working alone and I am grateful for the pay increase.  New skills are required, one I was unaware of when accepting the position: Driving a machine that lifts me 38 feet to scan products! I do have a personality that takes on challenges that scare me at first. Maybe it’s a fear conquering thing:  “If you’re going after a whale, take along the tartar sauce,”  I love this quote by H. J. Brown which reflects a winning attitude.  During training for this vehicle, the instructor latched himself into one of the harnesses we will have to wear. He kept us laughing with a great sense of humor; I nearly made a “Fifty Shades of Grey” comment when he was fully strapped into the gizmo.  I refrained, God is listening and I’m trying to be good,   XD   I laughed at the sight of him, either because of lack of sleep or for the visual provided, perhaps both.  blushing  harnessForgive me.  On a side note, our group is temporary and I am hoping we make it to permanent status.

11-29: PB and I visit an indoor flea market that proved disappointing. Later that evening we watched Deep Impact, what a great movie. All of the cast performed their characters perfectly and I loved Morgan Freeman as the president. In one scene he quotes Numbers 6:24-26. Thumbs up! On Netflix this movie has a 4 ½ out of 5 star rating.Motivation-Picture-Quote-Change-Your-Life

I am looking forward to this holiday season.  Though I like creating special gifts for family and friends, this year I will probably just give gift cards to the adults and shop for the children.  The following weeks will be busy, but enjoyed.  I am hoping all of our family can be together, they are loved so much. I wish you a peaceful holiday season filled with love and many blessings in the New Year.



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  1. cote8050 says:

    Lovely writing, so nice to hear about close families… much peace to you and yours this blessed season, Michelle

    1. Thank you Michelle, ditto on the blessings! I had a few typos to correct but thankfully only you have viewed this entry so far! 🙂

  2. christinadrh says:

    You have been very blessed with a family you can spend time with and actually love being around! I am happy for you and hope your new job goes well, change is wonderful! A new do for the hair is always a nice transition to a new and better life. Best to you this season.

    1. Thank you Chris! I’m still looking for typos! XD

      Our family has suffered much loss/sadness and have had our differences, but love always prevails. We do have times when we agree to disagree and even have went silent for a few weeks because of disputes, hurts. The lack of love in my childhood makes me love more and forgive. Everyone has their own reality to deal with, we are individuals and process things differently. There was a time when I thought I couldn’t be happy unless my abuser died. That is not truth, the pain is not removed because death comes, it is removed through love and forgiveness.

      Sending much love your way and blessings throughout the holiday season and New Year!

      1. christinadrh says:

        So true! Death removes nothing. It is only our love and forgiveness that heals the wounds. We all do have our own journey and perceptions, sometimes we can be around one another and sometimes we can’t. Bravo for you that your family life is rich and has healed enough of the past to make getting together a good experience. May God be in your heart this holiday season.

  3. Chris,

    Family problems began with Adam and Eve, who defied the authority of a perfect parent, God. Throughout the Bible we have examples of disapproval, hostility and competition between siblings, parents and children. Fathers who were noted has doing right in the eyes of God raised children who didn’t and vice versa. There are no perfect people or families. God is perfection. He provided Adam and Eve with everything they needed, love, paradise-even authority, but they still rebelled. Are we greater than God? Can we expect to have no problems when our Creator suffers rebellion of not only His children, but even the angels who fell that beheld His face daily?

    I’ve met people who were sexually abused by a member of their family and the rest of the family rejected the victim instead of the abuser. It’s a rough place to be when no one wants to believe what happened. It literally rips families apart. Because of something you wrote earlier (a comment you left), I know that there are problems in your family; I am truly hoping these relationships can be healed Chris. I’m telling you, it hasn’t been easy over the years when the hurt was so deep I thought ours would never heal, but it has and still is.

    I do not pretend to be that which I am not. But know this, God is always in my heart and faithful, even when I am not. He will never leave or forsake me, it is His promise. I wish the same for you. ❤

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