Heart Notes

A friend of mine once said:  The Lord told me that there are those who truly love Me (God) yet are bound by addictions.  There is scripture to back that up: For we know that the Law is spiritual, but I am of flesh, sold into bondage to sin. For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate. Romans 7:14-15   So if you are struggling with an addiction, God understands.


Words can cut to the bone, even if we don’t mean for them to.  The more we love, the more it hurts, so I offer the following to whom it concerns.  Forgive me for the times my words hurt you, it wasn’t meant to be so.  Do you really hear me? Was it you who said: Know this, all things work together for those that love God? The last of that verse also says: Who are called according to His purpose. Many times that gets left out.  Most live their whole lives and never understand what their purpose is. Basically I believe it is to love, though I know we each have a specific purpose.


Yes, it’s true, we can’t help everyone, but there are some who have been set in our path that we can.  I appreciate all the love and kindness you have given to me and others. What a heart you have.





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  1. christinadrh says:

    I agree. The end game is love. Our purpose I believe, is to find our unique way of expressing it to others, by understanding our own gifts, burdens and love for how God lives through us to experience all of life.

    1. Good points Chris. I believe our abilities and passions/dreams are indicators of our purpose.

      My friend I spoke of above is a stay-at-home mom and grandmother, but when the anointing is on her all you will hear is God. She has simply lived out the word of God every day. I would trust that woman with my life. Had she been famous I probably would have never met her.

      A lot of things can get in the way of reaching our life goals, working, family, disabilities/health issues and finances are several. Passion will drive a person to continue even with the odds stacked against them.

      Success is an odd thing, for some it suits them well and others it destroys the good that once was in them. We have all seen it, give someone a promotion and they get a bad attitude. I’m dealing with it now. We have a manager who before she received a promotion was liked, now she is hated. She talks to people in a condescending manner and demands respect she doesn’t give. Maybe its stress, maybe it’s just because her real personality is showing now. I’ve been told she wasn’t like this before, go figure.

  2. christinadrh says:

    I have seen others become the bosses they hated once they gain a position of power. It’s really crazy to watch. Somehow, they think that is what a person in charge is supposed to act like. Gotta feel like crap inside, wouldn’t you think?

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