2016, All the Best to You This Year

2015 was a rough year, and 2014-but 2012-13 were the worst for me.  I had a serious melt down, it took a while to level out. Last year was bittersweet.


The bitter: Within eight months I lost three people that are dear to me to death. There was a lay-off, temp jobs, and another stent placed; thank goodness I had insurance, the bill was nearly $40,000.

The sweet: This Christmas was the best I’ve experienced in years, the minus was having Shane, Caleb, Camden and Aubrey absent. My son, grandson and I built a bar for my kitchen together-but Chris was the real craftsman.  I will finish the bar out, but it wouldn’t exist if Chris wasn’t the carpenter that he is. My grandson Austin is entering the military soon, I have a new grandchild, Eden James-born on July 4th.  My daughter is planning her wedding, I finally have a job I actually like and my co-workers rock, I know that sounds like a youth talking-but they really are good people. Then there is Chew-Bella, my Yorkshire Terrier-Chi mix fur baby, I am thankful every day for her. My friends P.B and E.S share the up-and-downs of life on a regular basis, movies, eating out, holidays, shopping and all the other stuff friends share.

Life is not perfect, but I’m happier than I have been in a while. Meeting you is a part of that happiness. I read about your good and bad days and I am thankful that we are in it together, this thing we call life, being human.  I am ever grateful for the laughter, experiences, photos, and yes, the struggles you share. The best stories come through struggle, without it we would appreciate the victories much less. Would you be encouraged from a life that has never seen hardship?  What meaning would victory have without a fight, a challenge? The best mentors have known bitterness, loss and how to rise above it.  You are a success story in the making. Hold on and keep fighting, you were made to win.

I will be taking a break from blogging soon, but will be reading and commenting on other blogs. I wish each of you a blessed and happy New Year.




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  1. cmwriter says:

    Wishing you a year of joy and peace.

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