The Dream, and the Drama of Dating

The guy next door

Almost everyone has a dream of finding their soul-mate. Let no one fool you, there is drama in dating to fulfill that dream.

A few days ago two policeman knocked on the apartment door next to mine.  I was about to grab something out of the truck, and upon opening my door I looked up into the most amazing dark brown eyes, the kind you get lost in. I swear they must be cloning my heart throb; I’m moving to New York, marrying an Italian and tongue feeding him ravioli on our honeymoon. If you think that’s far-fetched watch the end of the video below. This lady wants to slather sauce on Antonio Banderas and eat him like a burrito. Sizzle.

Which brings us back to the handsome policeman. Pointing at my neighbor’s door he asks, Do you know where this guy is at?  I answer, All I know is that he’s an electrician. Not exactly true. He was at work, but I don’t know where he works.  He works days, I work nights and I hardly ever see him. In the few previous conversations I’ve had with him he has told me that he is legally separated from his wife, has a home in Mississippi, and a son. He is very open with information about his dating a couple of women who live nearby. I don’t know why he tells me these things, but I’m good listener.

Yesterday I visited several stores searching for a floor lamp, the last one being my favorite antique shop.  I ended up buying a reproduction, with a fluted stand and open globe.  When I took the lamp out of my truck I noticed the globe was loose. I didn’t know how to fix it and ask my neighbor to help me.  He fixed it in a couple of minutes and even placed it beside my couch when asked.   I said, I see you have found yourself a new lady friend. He smiled slyly, What makes you think that?  Well, I saw her car here all night when it snowed, (Actually I heard her, uh them).  He smiled again and said, She was far too drunk.  I almost mentioned what I had heard but quickly dismissed the thought.  The conversation was on.  I can’t repeat it all, my children may read this, Im kidding.   XD   He did mention women in a couple of states that he dated, his wife and current local girlfriend all want a piece of his action.  Ha-ha. A couple of thirty-ish women, one at forty-five and another in her fifties. After a while he said, I can get you back into the game, you want to go on a date sometime? Uh no, I answered. He asked, Why? I responded, I’m not into competing with other women, and I am very settled.  To tell you the truth, I thought you were a married man cheating on his wife while working out of state.  He indignantly answered,  Oh no, I’m legally separated.   Scoundrel.

Rule number one, NEVER, never ask a woman out after you have disclosed such information. Right before he was about to leave he said,  I hope you don’t think badly of me.  Trying to keep my voice soft, even and non-judgmental I said,  No, Im just really into protecting myself.  I’m sorry, I did judge but only with my best interests at heart.

Later I sent a text to my daughter and told her a small portion of the conversation and ask her would she date someone like him.  No, you did the right thing mom.  He’s a _______, he shouldn’t have told you all that, she answered.

He asked for my number, I’m not sure why, since we will not be dating. He’s leaving in three months when his job will take him elsewhere.  I did ask him how his current girlfriend was going to take a long distance relationship.  It’ll work, he said, I’ve done it before, I will have her flown in to see me. I asked, You’ve done it before, how long have you been separated? Eight months, he answered.  Okay, in eight months he’s dated four women in three states and is trying to add a fifth-me, not to mention a wife who wants to reconcile.  Did he share this information because he has a huge ego or low self-esteem? It doesn’t matter, he’s not Italian.

One sure way to add drama to the dream is to date someone who has brands on several others, a braggart, or one who thinks they’re doing you a favor by asking you out.   I think if I do begin to date it will be just for fun for a while and keep a healthy distance.  Of course there is always the possibility a mature, available Italian man will suddenly appear and all that goes out the window, well, the heathly distance part anyway.

Much love ❤

Here is a song for all you love birds.


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  1. cote8050 says:

    great writing! I just got out of a relationship with a sex addict, as I’m sure you can tell from my poems, such a hurtful and sad state… it is one thing if they are honest and you know that you are competing with a number of different women but when you think you are the only one and then find out otherwise, that is the killer. Jerk… I’m glad you didn’t get sucked in, wish I had had some warning… Light and peace to you 🙂 Michelle

    1. I know Cote, though the poems are sad, you are a wordsmith and I enjoy your writes. Im sorry that happened to you.
      My neighbor would have a rough time hiding such from me since I live next door. Thank goodness, his bragging was a blessing. It so easy to get into a bad relationship!

  2. Hemangini says:

    You write your experiences so beautifully.. you did right by not giving that man your number. He sounds like such a jackass and you are too good for him.. I hope if someone does come across you, may be be deserving of you. 🙂 Wish ya luck 😉

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