Enemies, Menial Labor and Dyslexia?


I had a man tell a lie about me at work, it was ugly and insulted another employee. The incident was addressed by myself and a manager but the damage had been done.  Do I forgive him? Yes, but I will not believe anything he has to say now. You can love your enemies, but I choose love mine from a distance. Later on we may be friends, when I learn of his better qualities and trust has been restored. Love doesn’t mean we trust, it means we forgive. mlk.jpg

On the other hand, what about when someone considers you an enemy? I guess it depends on the character of the person who sees you as a foe. There is such a person in my life, sometimes I don’t look in their direction or dare to listen, because I am afraid of being hurt again. I want to listen, really I do-but how can I?  One who deems you as an enemy usually will see no worthy attribute in you.  Anything they say is intended to harm or mock.  They listen only so that they can form a weapon out of your words to assassinate.  Sound familiar?  It should. That is exactly what the religious did to Christ during His trial. Yet He loved and prayed for those whose words had nailed Him to a cross. They considered Him an enemy, but He loved them.  It is odd when someone you love views you as an adversary.  They hang on to an offense (whether imagined, real or through believing a lie), disregarding all good you’ve ever done. It didn’t matter to the accusers of Christ how many He had healed or helped, all that mattered was His destruction to protect their status, authority and opinions.


Menial Labor

Although highly educated, after his conversion Saint Paul became a tent maker.  Peter and Andrew were uneducated fishermen, but Christ sought them out.  All three of these men impacted the world with their words, miracles and acts of kindness. Remember Joseph? He was a slave of Potiphar; if you are ever tempted to look down on those that do menial labor, read Joseph’s story.


Women who can’t bear children ache to rock a baby and change diapers. People in wheelchairs dream of doing simple tasks while standing. Never feel badly about menial labor, just be thankful you’re able to do it.


Dyslexia  ?

Dyslexia (800x639).jpgSometimes my inability to remember scares me. I forget things easily and my mind turns things around. At work I use a scanner and read endless numbers. The other night I read the number 680, but actually it was 860, this happens every night repeatedly and slows down my productivity.  My mind also turns letters backwards, it is very frustrating.  It bothers me to no end, I even dreamed of my mind this morning.   I know-it sounds weird to dream such a thing, guess it bugs me so much that it follows me even in my sleep.

I pronounce words wrong, my husband found this amusing. He would often ask me to say lure and laugh when I complied.  The first time I heard him use the word schmuck, while sharing a funny Jewish businessman’s story, I tried to repeat the word several times but it came out scahhmuck.  Of course he laughed and repeated the word for me, then ask me to say lure for him.  Luwhaerr, I’d say, he thought it sounded French, more laughter.  I didn’t mind his laughing, what bothers me is my inability, is this dyslexia? pronounce.jpg

On the brighter side, those of us who battle dyslexia are in good company. Many people who have dealt with the challenges of the disorder have overcome it.

My brain processes things differently than most people. I must go slower and concentrate harder. When I do gain understanding not long after most information will disappear.  There are some things my mind adheres to, scripture, songs, certain quotes, favorite recipes, very happy or traumatic experiences. But math is a foreign language to me.  Mathematics and science are two subjects I really want to understand, it appears hopeless, and even if I did, the information would soon be forgotten.

Another problem is my mind and typing/ writing disconnecting. My mind will have a sentence but words disappear as I type or write. I have to proof read over and over to correct mistakes because of this. My mind also replaces words with other words that sound the same but have a different meaning, which is embarrassing.

Now you understand why there have been many errors in my posts. I don’t always catch them all, my apologies.

Much love ❤

I’m going to start sharing a song with each entry, hope you enjoy.


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