Simple Pleasures

When I was growing up Brownie and Polaroid cameras were common. Now we are fortunate to have cell phones to snap pictures at a moments notice.

As I have mentioned before, bargain shopping is almost a hobby to me. A few weeks ago I was in a nearby town searching for treasures when I spotted sea gulls circling above me. This wouldn’t be odd except I live nowhere near the sea. I’ve never seen them in our area so I took a few pics.



I read a poem somewhere about watching birds and dreaming of having their future. A sea gull’s life span is 7-10 years, and their diet is raw fish. I hope to live at least 20 more years and like my fish cooked, thank you.

Below is a walking path in our town.  I walk a lot at work so this is an exercise I do not need, but I had seen from the road a large group of ducks sitting by the creek alongside the path.  As I started down the walkway it was empty and I was curious how close the ducks would let me get before they ran away. 20160208_143709_resized

I was surprised when the ducks did not scatter, but one by one they came closer and greeted me.  The first was white, isn’t it pretty?  20160208_143850Soon all of the ducks came near, and I knew our town’s people had been feeding them. Though they seemed tame, I didn’t try to pet them.

Here’s a handsome fellow and he’s not a bit camera shy!  The colors are very brilliant in  real life, much more than in these pictures taken with my phone. I just loved the creatures and now I want ducks of my own!  I haven’t looked on the internet yet, but I wonder if ducks were raised by humans, would they allow us to pet them?



20160208_143950 (1)


What would life be without simple pleasures? Moments I treasure the most have always been such. A smile, playing games with my children and now my grandchildren, cooking for and sharing a meal with family or friends, watching snow fall, pets, fishing off the bank of a river or lake, holding hands, movie night, and many more, including sea gulls and ducks.

Much love ❤





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