When Your Body Freaks on You

I’ve never been allergic to much of anything. How in the world can we go our entire lives allergy free and then suddenly our bodies start freaking out?  I’ve noticed my body reacting to pollen the past of couple of summers, something else not experienced in past years.



In the last two months large welts have appeared on my legs, arms, stomach and back. I pulled up my shirt one day and let my friend Pam see, “Wow, that’s a big welt,” she said. Yeah, we do that, show each other our wounds. Kind-of-like that scene from Jaws when two guys show each other various scars.


But unlike the clip above, she and I offer each other remedies hoping to find a home cure. Last Monday she came over to share her photos of a trip to California and have dinner. My hands are so rough and dry, she complained. I immediately went to retrieve a small bottle of vitamin E oil from the bathroom cabinet.  Then I warmed it up for a few seconds in the microwave.  Now if I can just remember where I placed that box of plastic gloves, I mumbled. After I had located the gloves, I said, Rub the oil all over your hands and put these gloves on, do this three times a week.

She offered her opinion and advice after viewing my welt, You’re allergic to something, then started listing all that she thought it could be and advised me to buy Benadryl. I changed my laundry detergent, quit letting my fur baby Bella sleep with me, and searched online for reactions of supplements I take. The welts disappeared, apparently it was the detergent I was using. Last week I developed another freaky problem, but didn’t know where my bottle of Benadryl was. Right before work I found it in my truck. The problem is I have a low tolerance for any medication that will make me sleepy. I weighed the lesser of two evils and decided I would take one 25 mg. of Benadryl and push through the sleepiness on my job.  Didn’t fly, an hour and a half later my speech was slurred and I couldn’t concentrate. I went home and slept for about ten hours, after having slept six hours already.

Do our bodies develop adverse reactions to things as we age? It does seem strange that I’ve been on this earth 58 years and never had my body freak out (other than having a baby, that’s quite freaky, even heart disease doesn’t compare). Being familiar with something helps to deal with it, like depression. Those of us who have dealt with severe depression know when we are on the edges of its darkness.  My symptoms are losing interest in things usually enjoyed and becoming silent. I’ve seriously considered seeing a doctor about it, but don’t want to be on medication.  My body responds drastically to drugs and I try to avoid taking anything that alters my ability to think or function (Lord knows it I cant afford even one brain cell to be inoperative, haha). Even if I decide to have a drink of alcohol I am careful not to exceed what my body can tolerate, which is usually two.

Our bodies do speak, and we should listen. When my nails developed ridges a few years ago a little searching proved there was a deficiency. I began taking supplements and they disappeared. By the way, biotin is great for strengthening hair and nails. This current freakiness my body is displaying is a mystery to me though.  I will find out what is going on, hopefully sooner than later.

I have posted on more serious problems, you may want to read Peace, Love & Healing, part II, with links to videos about affirmations and faith based healing.   In part one, I share Evy McDonald’s story.

Much Love ❤


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  1. cote8050 says:

    I developed allergies when i was about 59 too! never had any but now dust and rag weed get me, it is odd how we can develop allergies… what next! 🙂 this getting older stuff sucks!

    1. Weird, how is it possible that our bodies freak to things they have never reacted to before? This is a new rash Im dealing with and now must find out what is causing it. Thanks for dropping in! Much 💘

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