Run the Other Way

Whatever depression does to you, maybe running in the other direction will help. I guess it depends on the reason for being depressed and your personality. My plan included lots of alcohol, salty snacks and the Gilmore Girls, XD .  Instead I cleaned my apartment, went shopping and had lunch with Pam.  I was not my usual self and it felt odd. Pam was a real trooper and understood, confessing she had been out-of-sorts all day too.

I’m trying to find humor in it all.  I did stick to part of my plan, the Gilmore Girls and I shared a few hours together. I especially liked one scene when Lorelai and her boyfriend break up. She goes out to get the morning paper and a cat is on the porch, a few minutes later there are two. Lorelai calls her daughter Rory and says the cats know there was a break up and it’s time for her to become the crazy cat lady. She continues with an assessment of their presence by giving them a voice that speaks from her own conscience. “She’s single again, she can’t make it work again. She picked the wrong guy again.” Humorous, but there are those of us who can relate.

cat lady

Today I will complete mundane but needful tasks which include fixing a lamp, having a tire changed and washing dishes left from dinner prepared for us last night. I would love to attend art classes, maybe I’ll look into that.


Much love ❤



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