Taking an extra day off from work was beneficial to both my body and spirit, I needed it. Today was the best, the weather was mild and a light rain came this evening.

I find that when in a funk staying busy helps.  I picked up paint, a wall transfer and other things today and began therapy. The first task completed was placing a quote in my bathroom. Afterwards I had second thoughts about how crowded it looked.  No worries, I can take it down easily without harming the paint.Happy (2)

The apartment complex I live in is old and I have repaired/replaced many things. Although he is a kind man, it is nearly impossible to get our apartment manager to fix anything, perhaps he’s just too busy. A few months ago I bought and installed my first vanity it was horrible, I know nothing about plumbing. An unexpected blessing was the owner reimbursing me for the cost of it. I’ve purchased and wired-in two light fixtures (I googled how-to), painted the bathroom, replaced the kitchen faucet and cabinet doors/pulls have been refinished. Once I spent several weeks on two slatted-swinging doors for the bathroom. I wanted one side brown and the other white. It was a nightmare, the over-spray kept messing up the opposite side. When the doors were finished our manager was impressed, took pictures and showed them to several tenants, big mistake. They requested him to install the doors in their apartments.

Today painting my front door was the main project but it will be several days before I can finish, but I appreciate the improvement already. The rusty spots on the bottom were a bit of a challenge. The epoxy kept running, I mixed it with a light weight spackling and poof, it stayed in place. It takes hours to dry so I cannot sand or paint it until next week, per my work schedule.



I don’t think in old terms, today my thoughts were especially youthful and happy.  I find it fun to sculpt play-dough, play Chutes and Ladders or work a giant puzzle with a grandchild.  I love the imagination and curiosity of children. However, I am looking forward to retiring and being free of a time-clock.  Many people dread this stage of life, but not me. There’s always something to do, somewhere to go, people to love, until the very end life is an adventure.

James Taylor is touring this year, I hope to see him soon in concert.

What I am about to say doesn’t relate to this post except writing is effective therapy. If certain people desire you to quit writing, ignore them. It is your life, worthy of sharing and could potentially help someone else.

Follow your muse, as long as it is healthy and positive, do it with passion.


Much love ❤


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