Odd love between a kitten and dog

A friend gladly gave me a kitten to keep my fur baby Bella company. I didn’t know how well she would take to a new family member but it was worth a try. I felt bad about having to leave her for eleven hours four days a week. Leaving the television on with endless Lassie episodes playing  did help; she also was given daily treats when I left, and chew toys in abundance. But she was alone and I knew it couldn’t be good for her, so Alibaba was presented a couple of weeks ago. At first Bella  just stared at her as if she was trying to figure out exactly what kind of creature was in our home. The kitten would try to come near and Bella would move away. After about ten hours Bella finally warmed up to the kitten and became very protective. She would hover over Alibaba and growl if I tried to pet the kitten. The next thing that happened really surprised me, Bella let the kitten nurse. She also grooms Alibaba, picks her up by the neck and places her in bed. In the video below the kitten nurses while Bella grooms her.

I have only seen videos of such a thing but never in person until now.

Much Love ❤



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  1. Funny furballs, eh? My sister’s black lab used to “mother” the kittens too 🙂 ♥ ❤

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