The featured image is not my own, but a great idea. Visit the site, there are many ways to re-purpose your old items. Pinterest is also a good site with never ending repurposing and creative projects.

My tiled fountain leaked, so it was placed outside for the winter.   I decided not to plant tomatoes this spring and had my heart set on flowers instead.  Turn a fountain into a planter? Yes, and I think this new purpose suits it well.


That was easy. My next task would take more time and effort.

Bringing a kitten into my home presented a few problems. She loves to play with plants, curtains, scarves, lamp and computer cords,

20160605_110816_resized (1)
Kitty loves to play with this shawl!

and anything else that dangles, moves or bounces. Hence, the dining room has been designated as pet area while at work . I purchased the tallest indoor gate Lowes had in stock to protect both my furniture and pets.  But Bella could jump over it and the kitten could easily go through spaces on the bottom. Desperate to contain the kitten chaos, I decided to make a gate from old slatted closet doors.  The doors were cut in half and afterwards several colors of paint applied. 20160517_190058

I used both gel paint remover and a detail sander,  but the results were worth the extra trouble. It took the better part of three days to distress both sides of three sections.


Using a stencil to apply writing gave the gate more character, my daughter especially likes this touch. Distressed furniture is popular, it was easy to find inspiration while shopping in a nearby city.

Doing it yourself will save hundreds of dollars and each piece will be unique. Colors I used on the panels: white, umber, forest green, yellow ochre, a small amount of black and sealed with clear matte.


Bella can’t jump this gate and for the time being it keeps both pets safe while I’m away from home. When Alibaba is older I will use static collars to train both her and Bella.

Happy re-purposing and…

Much love ❤



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  1. biko says:

    a nice idea… the good thing is that it let’s you reuse…

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