Why do we blog?

Blogging serves different purposes. Some people blog to connect with others about mutual interests, or earn extra income and others write as a release or therapy. While all that is true, basically we blog to share. My own personal reasons have changed over the past few years. At first, blogging served as a platform to simply share poems and have fun on a dating site. I found that such sites offer as much drama as MySpace or Facebook, it never ends.

Why do I have a blog? Its my virtual journal and photo album.

As a family we do have get-togethers, sometimes we shop, go out to eat, watch a movie or play games. Blogs are public, but mine is mostly for my children, grandchildren and friends. If something happens to me they will have these pages to visit after I’m gone along with personal memories. None of them has a blog to my knowledge, Facebook is their preference. Recently I was informed that a family quarrel took place over political views on FB and a family member was unfriended. It was apparently an ugly and hurtful thing that was voiced, but our family somehow always manages to heal.

Though my children have the link to this blog they have never shared an opinion, at least not on here. It is read then they send text messages to my phone.  They simply have no interest in blogging or creating one. It does take a lot of time, a commodity we all seem to have stretched to the maximum.

Forward to the here and now…

Last week I over-did-it;  moving a bookcase, books, games, etc., washing the truck/ cleaning  cab, cutting another gate/installing it, moving a very heavy vintage barber’s chair, reorganizing a bedroom was added to my usual cleaning routine on top of a 40 hour work week. I paid dearly in back/knee/leg pain. Two-hydrocodone-per-shift and a new-knee-brace-dearly. I’ve decided to take it much easier this week and hope my body recuperates before Wednesday. I did take a vacation day this week to give my body more time to heal, but Saturday was marked for animal vaccinations. A co-worker had planned to go with me, but decided to wait until she had gained enough hours for a vacation day next month.  This picture made her glad she didn’t go. pet clinic I had clocked out at 4:30 a.m and went home, unloaded truck, slept for one hour, waking to my cell phone’s alarm I quickly gathered fur babies and arrived at clinic ½ hour early. Stood in line for about 45 minutes, watched Alibaba scream during a blood sample for a leukemia test and found out I have a male cat, not female. I just took it for granted my friend knew what gender the kitten was, so I never looked, haha. Alibaba’s name has been changed to Toby, which means: Good is Yahweh.   I returned to my apartment, secured pets in the dining area and headed towards my daughter’s home 40 miles away.

I was sidetracked by a flea market where I found a few neat things. A 1956 hardback Chattanooga phone directory, 5 inches thick with 5 and 6 digit phone numbers. Other recent finds include an old hand carved rolling pin, a torch from the 1930s or 40s, and a Better Merchandise saw. I remember a time a few years ago when severely depressed that I lost my appreciation for the vintage and antique. It just disappeared, I no longer cared about any of it and wondered where my passion for old treasures had went and why. It felt like I was no longer the same person, I wouldn’t wish the mental state of depression on anyone.

After talking with a few vendors I made the last leg of my journey to Kim’s and upon entering her kitchen saw what appeared to be baked brain on her stove top  small smiley face.jpg.  She has decided to become vegan and is trying all kinds of new recipes. It was cauliflower and I admit, delicious. We relaxed for a while and I shared about a co-worker finding a woman-in-a-box. The container was not sealed correctly and when he grabbed it a plastic woman popped out and landed on the floor, he screamed like a little girl, haha.  We run into the most unusual things in those bins and at times it will make you blush.   Not long after sharing this story my grandson woke up from his nap, Eden’s smile will light up a room and I adore his reaching for me.

It was late afternoon yesterday when Kim and I decided to make a quick shopping trip. I had to buy paint to airbrush a sign and groceries, Kim bought paint and supplies for a bathroom project. She sent me a text with a photo this morning and said that she had painted the bathroom last night!

Kim project
The walls look great Kim! Will we find  vintage art next week to hang on them?


After shopping we returned to Kim’s and loaded some of Eden’s baby stuff for an expecting mother-to-be. I had unloaded my truck at 5:00 a.m. to be able to haul these items and needed to get back home to reload containers I had left in the yard. It was lightly raining by the time I arrived around 6:00 p.m.  I hurried to take out the baby items before the hard rain came and reload the containers but my tenacity was in vain, I got soaked. All the baby items had to be either scrubbed or washed, but not at this moment.  I had been awake for 29 hours straight with the exception of a one hour nap; drying off and getting comfy was priority. All of this after pulling 10 hours and being over 250% to rate goal on my job. Not bad at all for 59 and holding.

Much love ❤



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