Vaping vs Cigarettes


Countless people have quit smoking cigarettes through using atomizers, an electronic device that turns liquid into vapor.  Although I have heard a few arguments against using the devices, it appears the good outweighs bad.  Testimonies I have heard are encouraging from those who have quit smoking via vaping. When I suggested using such a device to a family member I was met with an opposing point of view, and she thought I just wanted a quitting buddy. I assured her that was not the case, which has been proven because I quit without any support. Although her opinion about atomizers was based on information she had read on the Internet, the truth is most people who are addicted will use excuses to keep a habit. We have to want to be free.

I have talked with many who vape, some start out using an 18% nicotine liquid and taper off to zero over time. Since nicotine has been proven to cause heart disease and cancer, looking up information on vaping was of interest to me.  I have had what most people would call a light to medium nicotine habit for years. I also have heart disease.  What is the point of trading one bad habit for another?

An article released by the New England Journal of Medicine stated: … e-cigarettes contain twice the amount of formaldehyde than that of a traditional tobacco cigarette. I also noted this study found a high voltage was necessary to produce formaldehyde: This happens when propylene glycol and glycerol are heated in the presence of oxygen to temperatures reached by commercially available e-cigarettes operating at high voltage. The study noted at a lower voltage no formaldehyde was formed: At low voltage (3.3 V), we did not detect the formation of any formaldehyde-releasing agents (estimated limit of detection, approximately 0.1 μg per 10 puffs). Honest enough, and you can read the entire article here.  Most people vape cool,  so a lower wattage is used, and no formaldehyde is formed. If you are going to vape, shop for an atomizer that allows you to adjust the temperature/wattage such as the iStick Pico, then you can toss this worry out the window.


The next article was published in Internal and Emergency Medicine in February, 2016 and states the positive benefits of using Ecs/atomizers compared to smoking cigarettes.

In agreement with the findings from other research groups, positive improvements in systolic BP after smoking cessation are noted not only in quitters, but also in reducers [43, 44]. This suggests that the harmful effects of cigarette smoke on the vascular system can potentially be reversed. By substantially reducing exposure to conventional cigarettes’ hazardous toxicants and achieving clinically relevant BP reductions, EC use may not only improve the cardiovascular risk profile but also confer an overall health advantage in smokers unable or unwilling to quit who are also at risk of developing arterial hypertension compared to continuing smoking. The use of low risk nicotine-containing products (including ECs) should be investigated as a safer alternative approach to harm reversal (i.e., specific reversal of BP elevation), and, in general, to harm reduction (i.e., overall reduction of cardiovascular risk associated with tobacco smoking) [45].


Dr. Russo’s study  monitored 18 people with asthma over a one year period.

Dr. Russo declared at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology: “Electronic cigarette use improves respiratory physiology and subjective asthma outcomes in asthmatic smokers. E-cigarettes are a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes in this vulnerable population.” Her study included 18 smokers with asthma over a 12 month period. Among the highlights: The mid-range forced expiratory flow (25%-75%) showed a major, clinically important improvement, increasing from 2.75 L/sec to 3.11 L/sec. And patients’ mean self-reported conventional cigarette consumption dropped from 21.9 per day at baseline to 5 at 6 months and 3.9 per day at 12 months.

I have included three studies, there are many more that prove using atomizers help people reduce cigarette smoking or enable them to quit altogether. Atomizers are definitely the lesser of two evils, far less. They offer hope to those who want to kick the habit.

The initial investment can cost well over a hundred dollars. Liquids, coils, batteries and a charger are needed too. Compared to the cost and dangers of smoking cigarettes, vaping cost seems nonexistent. In our area a pack of cigarettes is nearly $5.00 a pack, by the carton $45.00 and up depending on brand, that’s per week. choices 2

A month ago I started vaping at the lowest level of nicotine liquid available, 3%. A couple of days ago I purchased a liquid with flavoring only, no nicotine.  In my opinion, the only way vaping will not help a person kick the habit of smoking cigarettes is if they don’t want to quit. I did buy a pack of cigarettes when my battery went dead (after my vape shop had closed), since then I have purchased a charger with extra battery, and having a charger in your vehicle helps too. Your cell phone charger will fit most ECs so there’s no extra cord to buy. Charging directly into an electrical outlet is quicker than using a USB port. Learning how to care for and clean your atomizer will prolong its life and increase your success in kicking the habit. I know several people who went back to smoking because their atomizers quit working; if you want to quit bad enough, you will learn how to care for your EC.  Coils will have to be replaced at least once a month, but the cost of a coil is usually under $5.00. Vape shops carry rolls of wire to repair coils, so even that cost can be eliminated. New coils need to be primed with a drop or two of liquid before using. Not priming will burn up the coil fast. Another tip is if the atomizer quits working for no apparent reason, remove the entire top (the reservoir and coil) from the body and clean off liquid with a tissue. Both the bottom of reservoir and top of atomizer must be cleaned for it to work. Coils can be soaked in water to clean but must be completely dry before using. A dry paper towel is the quickest way to clean a coil and works well. Remember to prime coil after cleaning with a drop of the flavored liquid you’re using.

The liquid used in ECs comes in a wide range of flavors and everyone has a favorite, mine is caramel and strawberry flavors. To me it is like inhaling a desert.  flavored vaping liquidA friend came over last night who smokes; I had sent a text prior to her arrival telling her smoking will have to be outside because now I detest the smell of cigarettes.  A few minutes after she arrived she went outside to smoke, I asked for one out of curiosity and joined her.  I inhaled once and immediately put the cigarette out, the smoke not only smelled bad but also tasted horrible!


Don’t criticize the use of ECs or those who use them, there’s too much proof atomizers are helping people quit a habit that has had them bound for years.

minion vape

The next couple of things have nothing to do with vaping, just want to share a really cool vintage juicer I found this weekend. And it still works, cost me a whopping $3.00! 😀


And the other thing is: Speaking the truth in love is not tormenting, that is a devil’s business.

Much love

I couldn’t think of a song off hand that related to smoking, but this song came to mind.


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