Mental Illness Is Not A Game

Darrell had not been to work in two weeks;  when he returned he shared with me that his brother committed suicide.  Darrell’s brother was taking medication for depression, but it made the condition worse.  Darrell also battles depression but one would never know unless he confided in you.


I walked up behind Amy in a meeting and placed my hands on her shoulders and whispered, how are you?  She said:  “I need to talk to someone.”  One hour later she told me of her mother passing away and other serious problems while tears streamed down her face. Amy feels that her friends have all died because they were close to her.


A friend sent me message and said a family member had called her ugly names and threatened to burn the house down with her in it.  He suffers from several mental disabilities, including schizophrenia. He once said to me about the voice he hears:  “It tells me things about people and is usually right.”  This family literally goes through hell every day.


Whatever you think mental illness is, it’s not funny nor is it a game. It is real. People don’t commit suicide over something that doesn’t exist.  Just because it’s not real to you doesn’t mean its not a reality for someone else.

If you’re going to bid adieu, let it be to ignorance of mental illness.


Much love




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