I’ve seen a lot of things in my lifetime, the rational and irrational.  There is certainly nothing lacking whatever your interests are, between television and the internet it’s all covered.

An observance is that those who have power use it to disrupt and hurt others. Healing hopefully occurs more often, else why is power granted?

Vibes and Karma

Have you ever had something come back to your mind over and over?  It is annoying, and you keep wondering why the thoughts are stuck in your brain. Speaking negatively about someone else to feel better about yourself,” is an adage that doesn’t fit here.  If we were going to use that standard, then we would have to apply it to the interviewer below, who judged a man in front of a live audience and thousands viewing through television.  Yes, typing it out did help lessen the recording. Guess my mind needed me to acknowledge it. When we hold someone in high esteem, it is hard to admit they have imperfections. At the same time it helps us understand they are altogether human as the rest of us including Moses, David and Noah.  I don’t  think the following is any kind of gross sin, I  will leave it up to you to categorize it.

The view from the other side of the screen…

Once I viewed two prophets on a Christian station. One tried to give the other a word of knowledge or prophecy, only to be spoken over by the intended recipient. I thought it was rude, but extraordinary prominence has a way of humbling even the most honorable and worthy of men.  It was irritating to watch the more flamboyant of the two speak over his fellow servant again and again.  Was this karma?

Could be.

Dreamer Interview 

I did view a broadcast with the less prominent of these two televangelists interviewing a man who was explaining a confusing dream. This preacher said to the man something like: “It may be contention you created in the church that Jesus was displeased with.” Then he looked into the audience and laughed.  Perhaps taunted is the wrong word, but then again, maybe not.   Love one another as you love yourself seems to have failed here. The adage “Two wrongs don’t make a right”, comes to mind.  Could this be the reason he was so rudely interrupted repeatedly by the other televangelist on a later program, because he previously had taunted this layman?  Many viewed what this televangelist said to the man.  Would this preacher want the same done to him publically?  Would you?  I doubt it.  How did the layman deal with what was said,  did it destroy him spiritually?  Well, unlike Paul Harvey, we don’t have “The rest of the story.”

A Jung quote: “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

I guess it bothers me, especially Christians on television. Scripture says in the last days judgement will begin in the church.  It’s safe to say God doesn’t need any help judging, we’re all guilty as sin.  God knows I am. Cheers!


E.Js First Birthday Party!

On the lighter side, earlier this month we had a party for Eden James’ first birthday. He had two cakes, one to smear on his face (which he did), and the other for the rest of us. My daughter Kim is in the first snapshot, and I am sitting with legs crossed in the last of this grouping. Talk about body language, no, I won’t explain. But will say, what a handsome baby E. J.  is!

Btw,  E. J. is short for Einstein Jung!!!  jung smiley face   I have appropriately nicknamed him Yogi, yogi best   smarter than the average baby! Im his grandma, I can say that!





Tye Dyed Tees

I tie dyed tee shirts last week. The first was an attempt at Minnie Mouse for a friend which partially failed.


Fur baby love

Toby and Bella, my beloved fur babies.

20160723_142753 (1)

Bella Toby playing in bed

I am very thankful for Toby, a gift from my friend Pam. He is the solution to Bella’s loneliness during my absence because of work.


Keep making those good vibrations, we need them!

Much love ❤


Love, forgive and heal.


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