A Beasty BarGain Birthday


Though the time stamp says this was posted on August 1, in reality it was posted the evening of July 31, 2016.

If July 31st was the appointed day you entered the earth realm, Happy Birthday!!!


Cheers! Im celebrating with you!  But then, I regularly celebrate in such manner and will most likely continue to do so unless certain soul matters are repaired.  celebrating Cs birthday







Quote from Cheers: Life’s too short to be sittin’ round miserable
And people gonna’ talk whether you doing bad or good, yeah

Out of the entire song the above lines are my favorite because of course, we all know it’s true.



With fantasy movies and books taking the lion’s share of consumer’s money Procter and Gamble is cashing in on the humorous side of it all.  To give you a glimpse of just how popular fantasy is with consumers visit this webpage. I love the lion shot in this commercial and Gain. Ty kind of favors Kenneth Copeland don’t you think?

I am a bargain shopper and purchased two 40 oz. bottles of Gain for $1.50 each with coupons!

Another good commercial using a gentle lion is Amazon.


Today has been busy, a local store had quart packages of strawberries for $1.00 each. I bought a flat, sliced and coated them with sugar and placed in the freezer. I sent a text to my friend Pam about the deal and she informed me that the same store had hardwood smoked bacon for $2.00 a pound in 10 lb. boxes. Of course I bought this too and divided up the bacon in one pound Ziplocs. Then there was laundry, cooking, washing dishes, etc. A really full day with much accomplished.



My beloved cat Toby is a beast, no matter how hard I try to civilize him this fact remains. I bought a static collar (around $75.00 for the collar and two transmitters on Amazon, a great deal compared to other purchase options). He zipped right through the barrier, the mild zap to his neck didn’t phase him. I have also thought of having him neutered (to prevent spraying) and declawing (to prevent furniture damage). It was simply too much. LadyMariBella Bella Toby playing in bedunderstands: No, Go get your toy, Give me a kiss, Come here, and many other commands. Toby never obeys but rather flips me off. Almost like he’s saying: F YOU and this STATIC COLLAR! He does endear himself to me through answering  when I call his name, hypnotic purring when petted and doing adorable stuff like this…

Adorable Toby

When I typed in hypnotic purring on YouTube loads of videos appeared. To my surprise (I always want to place a Z in that word!) some claim that the sound actually heals!  😮

Toby is now an outside pet per my newly gnawed bar that Chris, Austin and I constructed last December. Not to mention his clawing other furniture, ripping tissue up and strewing it all over the living room! But, I  don’t have the heart to neuter, declaw and electrocute him. It’s inhumane, I can’t do it! He was placed outside today, he cried loudly several times and tried to come back in. I stood my ground for most of the day but finally let him back in this evening. He will spend his first night outside today. I plan on building him a house so he will have protection from the weather and a soft bed.

Oh the relief! Such peace Bella and I have now!

And this has been my day, I have a buzz  😉    and more work to do. I hope your day was everything you wanted it to be.

Much love ❤












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