The Best Little Cathouse

In order to obtain a peaceful existence between Toby and I, certain lines had to be drawn. I have went back to the drawing board many times in frustration.  It was getting so bad the thought of giving him away crossed my mind.  I’ve grown to love his stubborn Garfieldish personality, but unlike Garfield,  Toby greets me with meows and loving leg rubs. He follows behind me like a love sick puppy all over the apartment.  I’ve never been a cat lover, or had a cat for a pet.  My 12 year old son did, the beast was named Penelope.  She opened the bird cage and ate my parakeet.  I’ve disliked most cats since then, for about 30 years.   Until recently.

no one owns a cat

When I’ve shared about constructing a cathouse it has been met with jokes about brothels, odd looks and laughter.  Admittedly the idea isn’t traditional as a doghouse, and I didn’t know if Toby would stay in it but I had to try. The cathouse was built to ease my mind about his safety, especially during storms. When I adopted Toby, it became my responsibility to safeguard him. That means hiding dangling window-blind cords or anything else that could harm. When Toby clawed up the upholstery on a bar chair, I placed all four chairs elsewhere. I hung gates to keep him and Bella in the dining area during working hours. That sufficed until he could easily leap over the bar and gates. Then I thought the chaos could be remedied by an indoor electrical fence. What I’ve found is cats are not like dogs, they don’t respect your rules, commands, restricted areas, and electrical fields don’t phase them.


Building day

Daylight hours were spent gathering materials, searching online for ideas and constructing Toby’s new cathouse.  My measurements were off by ½ inch, but the plywood I had on hand would have to be enough, buying more and storing leftover wood is something I don’t have room for. The finished measurements are approximately  🙂  30x30x15.

cat house 1.jpg

Toby prefers to stay beneath the porch, I’m guessing because it is cooler.  I am hoping he will cotton to his house more when temperatures drop. I plan on mounting a heat lamp and painting it later on. A friend suggested a fan powered by a solar panel. I will check into that too.Yes I know cat image


I have found freezing bottles of water is an easy way to supply Toby with cool water. Sometimes ice is used instead, but the bottles are easier and last longer.

He is allowed in when I come home from work, about 3 to 4 hours before bedtime and he stays inside on my off days. The reason I adopted Toby was to keep Bella company, that plan failed. But, I have gained a new friend and love.

From my truck door to the front door of our home Toby talks while looking at me. When he comes in he meows constantly. I answer and look at him when I speak. He answers with more loud mews, this goes on for about 10-15 minutes. He calms down and turns his attention to Bella, they play a while then both of them will curl up on the couch with me and sleep.

Red House is a song about a brothel, pun intended.


Repurposed water fountain

The beautiful purple flowers died and now cantaloupe seedlings are growing in the water fountain. The goal is not to harvest cantaloupes but to grow green vines.  I don’t think there is enough dirt to supply sufficient minerals, and it’s probably too late in the season for fruit, but I hope the vines do well.

20160516_202032 (225x400)    20160807_134039

The vines are pretty as you can see from the video below.


Heart and cholesterol medications

Clopidogrel is a generic for Plavix and I am very allergic to it. For months now I have been switching and/or discontinuing supplements, laundry detergents, taking Benadryl, antibiotics, applying ointments, and even taking salt baths to stop the itching and breakouts from an unknown source until this week.  I had taken Plavix before and it didn’t bother me at all. It never occurred to me that the generic form of the drug would be any different.  The palms of my hands and soles of my feet at times would break out in tiny blisters that itch like crazy.  My doctor also prescribed a statin for me, but I can’t take it because of severe muscle pain.  I came off the statin after only a couple of weeks.

If you are having adverse symptoms in your body check all the drugs and supplements you take. Don’t assume like I did that if you’ve taken it before it will be okay. Itching of the hands and feet was at the top of the side effects list for Clopidogrel.



Studies say when we seek a life partner that they should possess similar qualities or interests we have.  I disagree to an extent and Plato agrees.   He taught that we should seek those who possess virtuous qualities we lack so that those qualities might be gained by us. Well, I wouldn’t want to be with someone who had total opposite traits or interests, I don’t think anyone would.  I love the arts, kindness, wisdom, animals and nature, as most people do.  It is human nature to want to understand, gain knowledge, therefore we are attracted to those who enlighten, or sharpen skills we already have or give us needed new skills. It is impossible to be human and not want to improve ourselves, situations, make life and the world better.

Loving, helping, being our best selves does bring a satisfaction that worldly possessions and fame cannot produce. Ah, the searching out of things, it never ends.

Much love ❤


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