Tell her: It is the best day ever!

Camden’s excitement was contagious and it is hard for me to remember a day when happy was defined so well.  I work Saturday night until Sunday morning, spending time with grandchildren is a rarity.  Because Camden’s mom works nights and could not go with us, I sent lots pictures and short videos of our day at Lake Winnipesaukee. Once while sending her a text Camden told me to tell his mom: It is the best day ever!  Although most of us do not remember every detail of a days events, we do remember its happiness or otherwise. I cannot tell you when we rode a certain ride or every conversation we had. The days details no, the moments of happy, yes.

This post is a picture journal of that day.


I think there should be more love in the world. I am talking about gtitty, dangerous, wild eyed love. Radical acceptance of people. Belonging. That kind of love. B. Brown




We were at the park about five hours, after riding the Ferris-wheel Camden wanted to leave and I was in agreement.  He spent the night and we watched Lassie episodes and Angry Birds, but I don’t remember much of either. He built a fort out of couch pillows and cushions, adored my cat Toby and now wants a loft/platform in his bedroom. Mine was constructed to create extra space, Camden just thought it was cool.

What a neat kid. I have applied for a shift change so that spending days with my grandchildren will be possible on the weekends.

Much love ❤


We did get our Happy On!

Day of Discovery October 2016


My grandsons Caleb and Camden had a great time at the Discovery Center in Chattanooga, Tn.


Unfortunately I had to do a reset on my phone and lost most of the pictures because it would not send out emails any longer.






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