The Promise

This story begins in a motel room in Florida years ago. As usual I was watching a Christian channel. A promotion for donations to finance future programing and other charities the station supported was running.

A few days beforehand, I had loaned a friend several hundred dollars. The same program was on when my friend entered the room and placed the money in my hand. A split second later one of the three men on the podium said: God says you have just been repaid a debt, and if you will give God what was just placed in your hand, He will save your child and grandchild.

I glanced at my friend and asked: Do you think he is talking to me? Yes, was the reply.  Uh huh, me too, I said.  I called the station, pledged and sent in the money. It was sent in my daughter’s name instead of mine and I used her address. The alabaster jar pictured was the gift given for that day’s promotion.  It’s been packed away for years until recently while sorting through yet another container.

A year or so later,  I was sitting in my bedroom rocking chair and began to pray. I don’t know why, but had a habit of rocking while praying.  I began with praise then continued to the names at the top of the list, my children. I prayed scriptures over each of them. I started with the eldest and ended with my daughter, the youngest. This wasn’t always the case, but it was that day. I felt that each needed tailored prayer, scriptures chosen were fitted to the needs of each child.   When I reached my daughter’s name, the prayer included the scripture: Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, Romans 10:14.  I felt the Holy Spirit grab those words, and knew something was about to happen.

Kim was going through some rough waters when this prayer went up. God had given me a dream concerning her and another who was undoubtedly seeking a relationship with my daughter. In the dream, I saw a person, the body build and color of hair, which was blonde. A male voice spoke: Tell Kim not to place herself in compromising positions. Before the dream, I had no idea about these advances towards my daughter, she had kept it from me.  A few days later Kim and I had a phone conversation and I told her about the dream. She said:  Oh my God, tell my friend what you just told me.  I said no, it is only meant for you, but relented because of her persistence.  After I repeated the dream and warning, there was complete silence and the phone was given back to Kimberly.  Mom, that was the person in your dream, I can’t believe this!  I responded, Kim, God loves you. Whether you believe it or not, He knows about everything going on in your life, He is watching.

The following week Kim called and shared a remarkable event with me. Kim stated that she was laying in bed trying to sleep when she heard a voice speak: Get up and get dressed, go to church this morning. Kim ignored the voice. This happened twice more, with Kim rising on the third command. She did not remember the sermon, all that was remembered was the altar call. She said: I ran to the altar and fell to my knees while saying the name Jesus. She does not recall speaking anything but His name. Whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. This alone will suffice, but there is a more in depth prayer for salvation listed in the pages of Romans, chapter 10, verses 9-10.

I may have issues with God, but have not forgotten His goodness towards me.




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